Sunday, 24 January 2021 : Local To Global News

Down memory lane

A zephyr of thoughts flashed in memory reel

Shook the flower of highest bough
Petals untrimmed inaccessible the cologne
Washed with dew of melancholy 
And, sunlight of ecstasy
In haste to be embed in page of eternity 
O'  the Philomel of life 
Sing of those hay days 
in mellifluous voice
Invigorate the melodies to solace 
A soul conundrum
Enchant the blended notes 
Lying in the firmament within
Outlast an ocean dissolving 
in a drop of eye ball
Blooming smile diving in
Tangled page of excruciation
O' commemorate a whale of time 
For death can't conquer 
The days larger than life
Nor a symphony can portray
The ethereal days 
For O' the words can't bestow a note
to feelings so sheer 
I stand still with curved lips 
and glimmer in eyes 
Written by Anisha Vays