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Seema Purohit - Dare and Unique work is here Recognition

Mrs Seema  Purohit - Principal of S D P Memorial School BikanerIt is a name of that woman who is sailing her boat in the temples thus seas and has over come upon it. being a traditional woman yet she has presented and ideal instance among the society she has kindled the light of education when passed through the interview of seema purohit  she told about her self as she gradated in arts strain and got P. G. degree in English language. she stated her life as a thirteen teacher of English form 2000. she founded S.D.P. school in 2002. today the school is running in three buildings. She says when her son used to go BBS school , which was far form her house so she decided to run a school of in this affair her late husband Mr. Chandra purohit helped her to its great extent dut to his efforts the school is on its zenith.