Tuesday, 26 January 2021

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Bikaners Holi Festival

Holi festival is the part of our life folk culture. It is a festival of color’s, people throw the color  powder and water by fountain. Dressed in peculiar /odd dressings people dance on chang(the musical instrument) flute enchants on its sound. The crew of passionate younger steps & your can easily be seen along the road side to shows their hobby towards the color clownish festival. The fire place of Holi & defense of Prahlad and the Eloji’s   weeding process people may be seen every where. Eloji is the emblem of love & dity of Holi festival and assumed husband of Holika is worshipped. Eloji is supposed that he gives have children to those pairs who don’t have children. women has been worshipping Eloji through the ages. This festival is also and emblem of defend of demons & victory of ditties. According to 5th  day of Hindu months Vasant people begin to start several people & friends also.

Form the Holastak  

so many  plays are played in different places like Hedau–Mehari Rammart, Swang–Mahari Rammat, Amar Singh Rammat etc. Hymns are sung to make happy to lord krisna too The prashad of hamp is served to intoxicate the people also. all people exhibit their love to each other. on the day of Holi (Dhulundi ) people go in process song or comment on their familiars for marry making go cart personalities named Kheda, Madan Jerry, Magha Maharal sing their vulgar songs in their relative are for marry making life raters show their written poems for each other. life raters also aims at politicians and safireses.