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How to set last seen in Whatsapp

Our social life has been changed in this decade. In Older time, people asked us ‘when you meet at home” but now they ask when you meets online? So now It has been turned to e-Social.

In this e-Social life folks use online social sites or Apps and one them is Whatsapp that work on most of Smartphones.

Whatsapp is so easy to use, but a feature that shows our status “Last Seen on” breach your privacy within your contacts; and many of users looking forward to have this status at their own comforts. It’s very happiest moments for those who was waiting this feature eagerly, Whatsapp added this feature in its latest version.

Now if want to hide yourself within your contact list go for change using following steps (first ensure you have latest version, if not, download first):

1. go to your chats  at the right top  menu sign click .

Whattsapp - Go to Your Chats at Right Top Menu Sign and Click


2. select option Settings

Whatsapp - Select Option Setting

3. Click   Account

Whatsapp - Click Account

4. choose Privacy

Whatsapp- Choose Privacy

5. you get first option is Last seen 

Whats-app - Select Option Setting

6. set As you want

Whatsapp - 6.	set As you want

Menu->Settings->Account-> Privacy->Last Seen

Now you status has been saved.