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ABVP all set for Ranchi University Student's Election

Learing from the flaws at the Vinoba Bhave University election, Akhil Bharitya Vidyarthi Parisad and its allies are all set to safe guard their candidates at the Ranchi University Students Elections.

Ranchi, (IndiaPRwire) The ABVP and All Jharkhand Student's Union combination are all set not to repeat the flaws at the Vinoba Bhave University Election. The coalition that supposedly had a majority at VBU could not achieve expected success. The coalition this time is putting in extra effort to safeguard its candidates against the threats and horse trading.
Karunanidhi, State Office Secretary  said that the results of the VBU are pointing towards the ill trends entering the field of the student elections. He said, "Horse trading and threatens to the candidates has resulted in the victory of the opposition on the two seats at the VBU."
Karunanidhi added that the university seems to be working to make National Students Union of India  victorious in the election. "The step of the Vice chancellor where in he used his special rights to approve the candidature of a candidate with criminal background totally clears his intention."
Besides, the coalition is thinking of ways by which the candidates can be safeguarded. A higher source of the coalition said that a workshop for the candidates would be conducted, “We will keep our candidate at some location and bring them back on the day of poll, this would save them from all shorts of harassments and in those couple of days they would also learn more about the organization and the student’s rights,” he added.
The coalition is still fighting for the winners from the Ghagra College whose names are not enrolled in the electoral list. Rajeev Shadeo, District coordinator, ABVP said that it is a matter of shame if the university authority does not have the list of colleges that have gone into elections, “The university authority are doing as guided by there masters, we would take the matter in court now,” he added.
Harish Kumar from AJSU said that the coalition has about 120 members, “Our coalition is all set to win the five seats, and the only condition is that the university authority remains unbiased,” he added.

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