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Mobile advertising takes a new avatar: CellSerf and Candid Marketing partner in mobile advertising

CellSerf and Candid Marketing joined hands today to enter the mobile advertising space in India. This provides an opportunity for advertisers to reach out to customers with video, audio, picture and text ads on the very personal mobile medium.

New Delhi, (IndiaPRwire) CellSerf and Candid Marketing joined hands today to enter the mobile advertising space.
CellSerf, a mobile media and technology company based out of New Delhi, India and Sunnyvale, CA, has partnered with Candid Marketing, a leading marketing services company, for developing the mobile advertising market and business in India. Candid Marketing is a division of IMSG Plc.with a presence in many of the high growth markets worldwide. In India, Candid Marketing is a leading marketing services company and is widely regarded as the pioneer in innovative below-the-line marketing solutions. With its offices in six major cities, Candid executes marketing and sales programs across more than 120 cities for most major international brands with a presence in India.
CellSerf’s founder Vishal Batra said, "As a highly innovative and leading promotional marketing services company in India, we see Candid Marketing as the ideal media partner for our Mobile VAS offerings. Their reach and reputation is unmatched and we would be able to leverage their experience in taking CellSerf's first-of-kind mobile media application to advertisers for non-intrusive custom-built sniper target solutions."
The recently launched CellSerf mobile application optimizes advertising spends by offering a variety of options for the advertisers to connect with the end users. It offers the advertisers better return for their money by offering targeted advertising on a pay-per-view basis on the very intimate mobile medium.
The advertisers can choose their target viewers based on the user's demographic information, and current interests. The advertiser can present video, audio, picture and text advertisements served on the mobile handset along with a surety that the user has viewed the ad. Further advertisers may choose the pricing models, between CPC and CPM, depending on the nature of its business and marketing campaign.
Batra added, “With CellSerf mobile application, we are presenting advertisers a TV like advertising channel that is many times more personal and captive and importantly non intrusive.”
To add more teeth to the application CellSerf combines Multimedia Instant Messaging, Global Multimedia Mobile Messaging and Multimedia Email that allows mobile users to go beyond the traditional style of communicating in Text and leverage the mobile phone's multimedia capabilities to exchange Video, Pictures and Voice messages. The application and service is free to use. The mobile advertising solution is integrated with mobile IM, Messaging and Email applications to offer targeted multimedia advertisements to end users.
Candid Marketing’s founder and CEO Atul S Nath said, “CellSerf has all the applications to keep young mobile users engaged and connected with their friends and family. This presents itself as an outstanding opportunity for advertisers to interact with customers. To the advertiser we are offering a novel, cost-effective and most importantly interactive medium to communicate with customers.”
Candid Marketing’s Vice President Harsh Sisodia said, “CellSerf is the Swiss-knife of mobile applications as it offers connectivity through Instant Messaging, Email and Mobile Messaging all-in-one”. In between a user sending and receiving messages and emails, advertisements, intuitive communication and response-oriented interaction is facilitated with the user in a non-intrusive way.
With its incomparable penetration in India, the mobile phone as a medium is bigger than any other. There are more mobile phone users than TV viewers and newspaper readers today. The mobile has replaced traditional cameras as the preferred way to capture pictures and record videos. Mobile handsets are preferred for listening to music today and have become a truly personal medium to reach out to customers.
"With the CellSerf mobile application we are offering our clients a new and exciting medium for reaching out to customers. Today the penetration of mobiles in India is tremendous and with CellSerf we are allowing our clients an opportunity to touch each and every one of them in a way that will bring them maximum returns for advertising money", said Harsh.

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