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Surewaves Introduces Media Convergence Solutions To Drive Customer Engagement

SureWaves, a group company of Bangalore based IndusEdge Innovations is introducing revolutionary media convergence solutions, aimed at driving customer engagement. SureWaves has the ability to combine TV content with Web, Out of Home Displays and Mobile phones in a unique manner. SureWaves is also positioned to partner existing Out of Home Display networks by creating a network of networks using its unique solutions, and driving higher levels of viewer engagement.

Bangalore,(IndiaPRwire) The company is founded by Rajendra Khare, ex MD Broadcom India and the founder chairman of Indian Semiconductor Association (ISA), along with Ravi Bhatt, ex Head of Nokia’s R&D center and co-founder of Amber Networks, Anant Kansal and Tapan Datta. The technology foundation has been layered with top quality talent from the media and creative world. CVL Srinivas, ex CEO Asia Pacific, MAXUS  is the CEO of SureWaves. Tushar Vyas, who was Head of GroupM India’s Digital Division has joined as VP Business Solutions. A few more senior persons from the media industry have joined the company including Sanchit Sanga, Rajendra Dwivedi and Prabhvir Sahmey, all from GroupM.
SureWaves has cutting edge technology developed in partnership with Plasmanet of the UK, to distribute content and advertising onto a range of remote Display screens, in real time. The content can be any combination of live or recorded TV, internet feeds, flash files, powerpoint or any internal communication material of an organization. SureWaves plans to create communication channels customised to the client organization, in terms of the content and screen design. The communication channel has easy to use tools that can help manage the content and advertising in real time. Says Chairman and Managing Director Rajendra Khare “SureWaves enables an advertiser or brand owner to better target consumers, ensuring that advertising using this visual medium is not only more effective in attracting the attention of the right people at the right time, but is also more cost-effective”.
Another very unique feature is the ability of customers to interact with the screens via their mobile phones. Using Bluetooth technology, SureWaves screens not only educate the customers but engage them as well by allowing a two-way interaction with the screen. CVL Srinivas, CEO of SureWaves adds “Digital Out of Home screens have already become a blindspot. We are trying to build engagement not only through our contextual and real time content, but through interactivity as well”. A retailer for example can not only promote his products on screen, but can allow his customers to download information from it, onto their mobile phones. This information can be acted upon then and there via Bluetooth or can even be acted upon over a normal GPRS connection later on. SureWaves has been in the market for the past few months and is today piloting its systems with a few lead organizations.
SureWaves is also looking to provide its content management and interactivity solutions to existing Out of Home Display networks both in India and abroad. Srinivas adds “This is a nascent medium around the world. Like in any medium, driving viewer engagement is the key to success. We believe that we have the right technology combined with a good understanding of how such media get consumed. We are open to partnering existing networks to help them realize higher revenues via our more engaging solution.” SureWaves is processing a few enquiries from existing screen networks both from India and abroad.

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