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Coimbatore plays host to vintage car show

Coimbatore (Tamil Nadu), Jan.3 Hundreds of enthusiasts of automobiles gathered at the Vintage Car show held here on Saturday.

The unique event will last till January 17.

This has been hosted by the G.D. Naidu Charities Trust and on display are more than 25 vintage cars. A couple of these cars date back to 1909.

The car models exhibited include Rolls Royce, Mercedes Benz 170,Oldomobile, Morris Minor, Mini Minor, Ford, Plymouth, Studybaker, Buick,Caddilac, Austin, Hispano-Suiza that was owned by the Maharaja of Mysore, Gogo Mobile and Citroen - 2cv.

"Since my childhood, I have loved cars particularly old cars. I am amazed to see these vintage cars. I saw these cars only on televisions and in magazines. But seeing such cars like Rolls Royce, Benz and other collections of model cars is really interesting and a beautiful memorable experience," admitted Kartik, a lover of vintage automobiles.

Enthusiasts of vintage beauties from many parts of Tamil Nadu and the neighbouring states of Kerala and Karnataka have planned to visit this rare exhibition.

"They have exhibited many old cars which we cannot see anywhere. There are cars, which were used by the Maharaja of Mysore. There are other collections of cars too which are not seen on the roads anymore," said Rajkumar, another fan of vintage cars.

According to the trustees of G D Naidu Charities, the main focus of the show is to create awareness among the younger generation about the history of automobiles. (ANI)


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