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Shilong to Kochi on Auto Rickshaw

83 teams are now on their mammoth 5000km journey to Kochi in Kerala

Shilong, The August 2015 edition of The Rickshaw Run got underway today. The 83 teams are now on their mammoth 5000km journey to Kochi in Kerala.

In press release, Mr Dickens event manager informed KhabarExpress, that launching from the heart of Shillong the 225 international participants firstly got soaked in a massive downpour, and then posed for pictures as a few brief speeches were made by event manager Matthew Dickens.
The Rickshaw Run from Shilong to Kochi
Quite a crowd had gathered to join in the fun, reflecting the interest of the resident of shilong. The teams then left in a whirlwind of colour, noise and excitement. Donning fancy outfits, and with richly decorated vehicles they are now heading south and from the online tracking system it appears that they have already collected a good many stories.
Mr Dickens goes on to say: “It's a bloody hell of a long way, and the potholed roads are fraught with danger. We wish them a journey full of new experiences, excitement and adventure, and look forward to seeing them in Kochi in a mere fortnight. We'd like to thank the people of Shillong for giving our guys and girls a great reception as always, and the people of India as a whole for adding so much to this event. The heartwarming generosity and hospitality of everyone along the way is something that our teams carry with them forever.”
So far this edition of the event has raised nearly $30,000 for the official charity Cool Earth, with far more still to come once the teams make it safely in once piece to the finish line. The Rickshaw Run itself has raised more that $3,200,000 over the years.


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