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Volvo introduces special edition Volvo Ocean Race Signature buses

Kochi, Dec.12 Volvo has launched the market's first coach with a multi-axle configuration, taking the inter-city luxury AC coach segment to its next level, which is coinciding with the Volvo Ocean Race in Kochi.

The auto manufacture company Volvo on Thursday offered a special signature series in memory of the Volvo Ocean Race stopover in Kochi.

Volvo 9400 6x2 bus, with a 9-litre rear engine and a 6x2 configuration, has been developed to provide passengers with a higher comfort level. It also aims to provide the bus operators a tool to achieve even better transport economy through higher occupancy levels and a better fuel consumption per passenger km.

Meanwhile, a special edition Volvo Ocean Race signature series of the 9400 6x2 was also launched today, especially for the Kerala market, the port of docking for the Volvo Ocean Race in India.

This is in dedication to the Volvo Ocean Race, - the biggest yacht race in the world and one of the largest sporting events across the world.

It's the first occasion in the history of the Volvo Ocean Race that the yachts are sailing on India Shores.

According to Akash Passey, Managing Director, Volvo Buses India Private Limited, the Volvo Ocean Race is one of the very few truly global sports events - taking place on 4 different continents, involving multi-national, multi-cultural teams and support teams.

"It perfectly mirrors the world we live in at Volvo every day. Volvo's three core values - Quality, Safety and Environmental Care are all intertwined and mirrored in the Volvo Ocean Race and this special series that we have launched, just like all our other products. We are very pleased to launch this series as a memorabilia to the people of Kerala".

Currently, Volvo Buses sell the well-established Volvo 9400 4x2 in the inter-city segment. Through the new Volvo 9400 6x2 coach, the company is broadening its product offering and choices for the customer and the passengers.

"This is a vehicle that brings together Volvo's experience in performance, safety and economy, with all the brand's service and support tools to ensure higher levels of transport quality and economy. This bus will offer the best-in-class riding comfort and is backed by well-proven technology in India," said Akash Passey.

The new model is promised to offer a new standard in performance-economy ratio among all the vehicles in this segment. Such multi-axle concepts are typically the most preferred options on the long-distance routes and where occupancy levels are high.

With this new model by Volvo, the Indian Bus industry is anticipated to graduate to a new level and take one more step closer to global standards.

The Volvo 9400 6x2 coach features the EBS-5 (Electronic Brake System) braking system, a technology that ensures the highest safety for passengers and driver along with various safety features as frontal impact safety, roll-over protection, among others.

Volvo 9400 6x2 for India will be produced at Volvo Buses plant in Hosakote, near Bangalore.

In India, Volvo Buses are a part of Volvo Bus Corporation, which is among the largest manufacturers of heavy buses and coaches in the world. Volvo Buses in India today is a complete solutions provider including complete vehicles, bus bodies, chassis, advisory on transport services for city and inter-city bus solutions.

Carrying a strong brand presence in India, the company has been leading the change across the bus industry, setting examples through innovative solutions in the inter-city and city bus segments. By Juhan Samuel(ANI)


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