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Harsh Vardhan Harsh brings laurels to Rajasthan

Claims first Prize in Google's "Hai Baton Mein Dum" Contest

Harsh Vardhan Harsh - Sports Articel Winner of Google and Hindustan Live - Hai Bataon Mai DumBikaner, Harsh Vardhan Harsh of Rajasthan has brought laurels to the state by winning the "Hai Baton Mein Dum" organised by the 'Google' and 'Livehindustan' recently. The Organisers first informed Harsh Vardhan via e-mail about his selection as winner and now have sent him the "Laptop" as first prize.

Harsh Vardhan working as Physical Teacher in the Government Upper Primary School, Husangsar in Bikaner district compiled an article ''Khel Kranti ke Intezar mein Hamara Bharat Desh" [The Nation awaits the sports revolution]. In which he has shared some important thought over the state of sports in the country.

 He sent this to the contest open for all Indian citizen above 13 years of age. The entries were invited in the Hindi Language. It attracted more than 3000 entries from all over India. Harsh Vardhan Harsh' entry was adjudged as the best in the category of sports by experts. Harsh Vardhan's  winning write-up and the winners of other categories is available on the following link------


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