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Air Chief Marshal FH Major releases book "The Muse with Wings"

New Delhi, Aug 25 (ANI): Chief of the Air Staff Air Chief Marshal FH Major today released a book "The Muse with Wings" by Air Marshal VK Verma, Director General (Inspection and Safety).

The book is a collection of well-written articles covering a wide range of topics based on the Air Marshal Verma's personal experience of forty years in the IAF.

His vast experience and insight describes the Indian Air Force' transition from a tactical Air Force to an Aero space power with strategic reach.

The language is easy to comprehend and the ideas and events are as relevant today as they were yesterday.

Releasing the book the CAS mentioned that even though the book is related to aviation, it also contains the views of the Air Marshal on Cooperation between Defence and industry, on leadership, on utilizing Disinformation as a weapon and on jointness. (ANI)


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