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Dasmunsi releases book on birth anniversary of poet 'Dinakar'

New Delhi, Sept 23 (ANI): As a tribute to the great patriotic poet Ramdhari Singh 'Dinakar', Union Minister of Information and Broadcasting Priya Ranjan Dasmunsi released a book on his birth anniversary here today.

Titled, 'Ramdhari Singh 'Dinakar': Vyaktitva aur Krititva' the book is written by well known critic and writer Khagendra Thakur and published by Publications Division of the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting.

The book gives a detailed account of the creative and personal life of this creative visionary. The author has analytically described his political, social and cultural vision interwoven intricately with the threads of the then ongoing struggle for independence.

"Our poets and writers were the torch bearers of our national movement. Dinkar, the bard of Indian nationalism was in the forefront of such luminaries," he said.

"Hailing from a remote part of Bihar, the poet contributed enormously to the on-going freedom movement through his inspirational writings, he added.

Dinkar's fearless nationalistic poetry compiled in the collections like Hunkar and Sanchayita as well as the epics like the Kurukshetra and the Rashmirathi awakened the national spirit. He was a poet of human relations and metaphysics too. For one such work 'Urvashi', he received the most prestigious Jnanapeeth award. (ANI)


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