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Vice President Ansari releases book entitled, "Flow of Thoughts" by Justice Ahmadi

New Delhi, Oct 13 Vice President Hamid Ansari released a Book titled "Flow of Thoughts: Selected Speeches, Lectures and Writings of Justice A.M. Ahmadi" here today.

The central theme of the book is writings being the plural native of Indian sources.

Releasing the book, Ansari said that Justice Ahmadi's focus on minority rights is timely. A good deal of the current discussion on this is uninformed, and some is slanted. Most argue on the basis of an un-stated major premise of dubious validity. Some feel that rights are bestowed and therefore at the mercy of the giver.

"Such a trend poisons the public mind and creates misapprehensions about the Indian polity. For this reason, the basic tenets of our Constitutional faith need to be reiterated. They are simple enough to be comprehended by citizens:

He said the plurality of Indian society is a ground reality, not a legal creation. Every sixth Indian belongs to a religious minority, the linguistic diversity of the nation can be read on the back of every currency note.

"The diversity of our society was recognised by the Constituent Assembly and specific rights of minorities, in addition to their general rights as citizens, were consciously included as fundamental rights," he added.

"Given the size of the minorities, this cannot but have an adverse impact on the overall progress of the country. The sectional problem thus becomes a national one. Justice Ahmadi has done a national service by dwelling on them," he said.(ANI)


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