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CNG sold in Pak at double the India rate

Karachi, Aug 28 (ANI): The CNG (compressed natural gas) is sold in Pakistan at more than double the rate of what it is sold at in India, despite the fact that the former is a producer of the fuel and the latter is an importer, said Sindh Bar Council's (SBC) Human Rights Committee chairman, Adv Aqil Lodhi in a press statement.

He said while in Pakistan CNG is sold at Rs 22 per kg, it is sold at Rs 44.50 in India, and also called for a reduction of the price of CNG to Rs 27.50 per kg.

Lodhi charged that the CNG-producing companies charge Rs 23.50 per kg, while pump owners and dealers make a 120 percent profit per kg by selling at Rs 44.50.

The Pakistan had only last week decreased the CNG price by Rs four per kg.

Lodhi said that instead of decreasing the price by Rs four, the OGRA should have fixed the profit of pump owners and dealers at Rs four per kg, giving some relief to the people.

He accused OGRA of caring more for millionaire CNG pump-owners and dealers instead of the consumers.

He demanded that the Pakistan government and OGRA fix the maximum profit at Rs 5 per kg for pump owners and dealers, so that CNG is sold at Rs 29 per kg. (ANI)


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