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Policeman suspended after public outrage

Ishaan Sharma assaulted by a drunken policeman

Policeman suspended after public outrage

Bikaner, 14 October. A Public outrage was formed in protest against the assault  by the policeman with a youth namely Ishaan Sharma On Sunday night.

Massive campaign was run on the social media against this illigel action of policeman and there was public in mass in demand to take proper action against policman. During outrage, Social Activist CA Sudhish Sharma the father of Ishan Sharma, who kept himself patiently, was shocked to see so many people standing in his support. While there was massive Naarebazi against the policeman from all around, he said that whatever happened to my child is very bad, but we want to take action only because it does not happen to anyone else. On this occasion, employee leader Y. Sharma Yogi lambasted the police.

It is to be known that on Sunday night, Ishaan was threatened by Constable Bhavidanan and his associates for parking the car and asked them to walk with them.

While Ishaan was being taken to the police station with his car, Havildar beat Ishaan badly on the way to Deendayal Circle. He suffered injuries to his mouth, feet and back. Later, policemen escaped when a crowd of common people gathered.

However, Ishaan and his father Sudhish Sharma have accused the policemen of being intoxicated by alcohol and kidnapping Ishaan. SP suspended the head constable Bhavidanan in view of public outcry, but no case was registered against the accused policeman.


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