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Nivedita's thoughts are still relevant

Tribute paid to sister Nivedita on her 108th Death Anniversary

Nivedita's thoughts are still relevant

October 12, Bikaner;  A seminar was held in Sister Nivedita Girls College today on the day preceding the 108th death anniversary of Nivedita. First Mrs. Shuchi Vyas and Mrs. Sushma Vyas started the program by placing flowers on Bhagini Nivedita's picture, then Mrs. Sushma Vyas informed Bhagini Nivedita's views from sociological perspective. She told how Nivedita did social development by educating the poor people to remove illiteracy prevalent in the society. Dr. Rakesh Kiradu said that as a disciple of Swami Vivekananda, women like Bhagini Nivedita, who communicates consciousness in women in India, are still needed.

Principal Dr. Ritesh Vyas told that after coming from England in India to adopt the civilization and culture and propagate it at a time when India is a slave of British rule. The woman showed courage that cannot be imagined. Margaret Elizabeth Noble who first heard Swami Vivekananda on 1896 and Swamiji too was overwhelmed by meeting him and brought him to promote women education in India. On 13 October 1911, she left the world at the age of 44, broadcasting the thoughts of Swamiji.

We should make Nivedita's name meaningful by adopting her views. Many students also read the letter in the seminar. On the occasion, certificates were also distributed to the girl students who participated in painting, speech and essay competition in the 150th birth anniversary celebrations of Mahatma Gandhi.


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