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Rathor proved there is a will there a is way

Strong determination never wait for a particular age

Dr Ajit Singhs 3 days Painting exhibition form 2nd oct at Junagarh Palace, Bikaner Bikaner, Strong determination never wait for a particular age, the passion of doing something in life never die with age it has been proved by Dr. Ajit singh Rathor. At the age of 68 this man has made various beautiful paintings which is very tough for even young men to make. When we take a glance of his painting we just feel that they will speak at the moment, he putted his feelings in them; everyone can be mesmerized by the paintings. Ajit Singh Rathor in 1955  when he was a student of class8th was strictly prohibited to take fine art subject as career because he got supplementary in the subject, then this disappointed man got the Dr. designation in science but his artistic man was ever alive in the hidden corner of is heart.

In 11976 he turned bake to his passion and till 2003 it was limited only to his rooms but after that his friends was very pleased to see these paintings and they gave him a great deal of encouragement and after that this artist made  thousands of paintings. Especially his paintings focus on like Rajasthani environment, pain of separation, and the arrangement of loose democracy. 68 years old Rathor said I got the inspiration form the book of Ravindra Naath Tegor that we should do something prideful in our life, and that’s the thing which A rural scene: women takes bath in open always inspired me that I will neverkill my artistic feeling. From that I was continue to complete my dreams.
Right now Dr. Rathor takes painting as worship and gives shape to his feeling along with medical profession. Dr. Rathor is going to put his paintings on exhibition which is going to be held on 2, 3,4th October. It will also be available on website. Dr Rathor is totally devoted to art has also shown his talent in crekate and photography. His 2 pictures had putted on the world exhibition of photography.

Adv. Mamta Kalla


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