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First U.S. Bancorp of Trade Inc Worldwide Licensing by Global FranTech

First U.S. Bancorp of Trade Inc., Management and Marketing, Signs Worldwide Exclusive Agreement With FranTech To Market Licenses of Premier Service in Real Estate Investment Trust, Re-Insurance and Life Enrichment systems in 220 Countries.

Ahmedabad, (IndiaPRwire) First U.S. Bancorp of Trade Inc. Management and Marketing signed an exclusive agreement with Global FranTech and FranTech Asia Licensing, of Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India, which grants FranTech the exclusive right to market First U.S. Bancorp of Trade Inc.
"GLOBAL PREMIER FINANCIAL" an international real estate investment trust, insurance and foreign financial services licenses called "Global Cash Management"and the "GlobalClear" platform through FranTech's network of 600 agents in 220 countries to Governments and Private Enterprises around the world.
The company explained at a recent meeting in Las Vegas that the First U.S. Bancorp of Trade Inc. will provide licensing access to investors through licensee's relationships with licensed First U.S. Bancorp of Trade Inc. offices for worldwide services are uniquely suited to meet the 21st century needs of its banks and investors estate planning with First U.S. Bancorp of Trade Inc. "Global Cash Management" and "GlobalClear humanitarian platform" to fund the needs of most countries projects.
The First U.N. Bancorp of Trade Inc. and "GlobalClear humanitarian platform"online global bankingsystem allows for quick and secure insured depository settlements accounts, gold settlements, counter trade settlements insurance, real estate programs online worldwide in trust for their investors customer e-banking banking needs, in a simple, safe, easy to use and understanding Foreign Capital Depository called "Global Cash Management" format to be licensed.
First U.S. Bancorp of Trade Inc. Investor Relationships with CitiSky of the world on its new MTN "Global Cash Management” platform to set new international real estate investment trust and re-insurance standards in the 21st century regulations of MTN online investing.
First U.S. Bancorp of Trade Inc. with GlobalClear services, such as e-trading, e-insurance, e-real estate, e- trust and e-corporate management, which have specific tax advantages for many individuals worldwide under MTN "Global Cash Management" & 'GlobalClear' platform.
Patrick Earl Amos., Chief Executive Officer of First U.S. Bancorp of Trade Inc. Management and Marketing., said, "We chose FranTech because of their tremendous geographic reach and proven track record in establishing licensing agreements worldwide. With more than 35 years of experience, FranTech knows international online real estate investment trust, MTN trading, banking regulations and tax competition banking, trade policy, insurance law, marketing, bank franchising, investment banking, and technology research. Its broad expertise, coupled with access to key Governmental decision makers, provides services uniquely valuable to First U.S. Bancorp of Trade Inc. domestic and overseas."
The company explained that FranTech's mission is to foster the development of the global economy by providing a global perspective to bankers, developers, marketers, manufacturers and innovators on newly emerging and preemptive banking technologies. It offers world-class solutions for the licensing and transfer of USA and Worldwide innovations to emerging economies.
hilip Nadeau, CEO of FranTech, said, "We see a tremendous market worldwide for Real Estate Investments for Investors for First U.S. Bancorp of Trade Inc. licensing of Global Premier Services and already have interest from several countries. First U.S. Bancorp of Trade Inc. is working with FranTech to establish a truly global footprint in 220 countries licensing "Global Cash Management". We plan on developing First U.S. Bancorp of Trade Inc., brand name recognition and positioning of MTN's trades with many banks and Investment financial agencies where we already have relationships in place."

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