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The Govt becomes busy in the hospitality of Pak PM in stead to get the dead body's of the martyrs

AJMER , Vinayak Des Pandey the joint minister of VHP  has asked for the report that how many persons came with PAK P.M.  ? Explain it? They came 40 people in their personal trip , they were not examined. They came without inspection. Mr. Khursid has also been denigrated on it. Despandey stopped there, when he was going to Jaipur to Udaipur. he said in conversation that PAK soldiers have cut the heads of our  soldiers so without having got their heads our P. M. should not have permitted them to come here. India has spent Crores of rupees on PAK P.M. security. while our P.M. must have asked for the martyr’s heads. Mr. des pandey has emphasized that Salman Khursid must open the subject matter on which he talked upon. Mr. des pandey was warmly welcomed on the station bt shashi prakesh, Lekh Raj and other workers.


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