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Vertu Ascent Ferrari 1947 Limited Edition, Celebrates Ferrari's 60th Anniversary

Maureen Wadia and Karan Johar Add A Sparkle to the Evening

Karan Johar auctioning 1947-60 Vertu Ferrari Limited Edition handsetMumbai,  (Business Wire India) -- Vertu launched its newest collection, the Vertu Ascent Ferrari 1947 Limited Edition, to commemorate Ferrari's 60th Anniversary at a high octane party held today at the Shiro, Mumbai. Vertu worked closely with Ferrari's design team to develop this exclusive Limited Edition, and only 1947 of this model will ever be made, each numbered from 1 to 1947.

The highlight of the evening was the exclusive auction of the one-and-only Vertu Ascent Ferrari Limited Edition piece numbered 60/1947, by ace director Karan Johar. The fact that this handset was brought in to India is especially significant: India celebrates its 60th year of Independence while Ferrari celebrates its 60th anniversary.

The celebrations kicked off with Vertu's Regional Sales & Operations Director South East Asia Pacific, Mr Ranjit Wijedasa, leading in the unveiling of the product through a powerful laser display.

This was followed by "director-turned auctioneer" Karan Johar inviting philanthropist Maureen Wadia onstage to donate proceeds from the Auction to the Wadia Children's Hospital, a cause supported by Karan and Mrs Wadia, and Vertu, which supports the spirit of charitable donation during India's ongoing 60th independence celebrations.

Maureen Wadia, Ranjit Wijedasa, Sunny Wadhawan, Karan Johar"Vertu celebrates the 60th anniversary of India's Independence and is proud to donate the proceeds of the auction of the one-and-only Vertu Ascent Ferrari Limited Edition piece numbered 60/1947 on this occasion," said Mr Ranjit Wijedasa, Regional Sales & Operations Director Vertu South East Asia Pacific.

The Vertu Ascent Ferrari 1947 Limited Edition handset uses hand-polished titanium for the chassis and draws inspiration from Ferrari GT cars that embody strength, durability and high-level performance.

Echoing this latest edition to the Ferrari GT stable, the handset is encased in red and black Ferrari leather with black lacquer stripes running at the sides. Carefully crafted with the same precision and attention to detail given when assembling a Ferrari, the Vertu Ascent Ferrari 1947 Limited Edition celebrates the delicate balance between form and function.

Ranjit Wijedasa, Regional Sales & Operations Director, Vertu SEAP at the launch of the Vertu FerrThe bezel nose on the front of the phone features the famed Ferrari Prancing Horse, while on the rear back plate there is a scaled down iconic Ferrari brake pedal, crafted from high-graded aluminum, like that used in Ferrari cars. To underline the exclusivity of the Vertu Ascent Ferrari 1947 Limited Edition each piece is individually serialised 1 to 1947 - paying homage to the very year when the first car to bear the Prancing Horse marque was built by the founder, Enzo Ferrari.

The Vertu Ascent Ferrari 1947 Limited Edition is handcrafted in the United Kingdom. It also comes with a stylish case, designed by Ferrari's design team. Made from matching Ferrari red & black leather, the case perfectly complements the phone.

"I feel there are many reasons why it is right for Vertu and Ferrari to be working together," says Vertu President Alberto Torres. "Furthermore we also share many customers in common. Over the past few months it has been a pleasure to meet many Ferrari owners and, during our conversation, to find they already own a Vertu. But most importantly, Ferrari and Vertu share a common commitment to the highest standards of design, engineering and performance."


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