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India- France army practice Shakti -2016 today

the main motto of this practice is to start and get strengthen in

India- France army practice Shakti -2016  today

Bikaner, The biggest south west army command's troop in leadership of one female and five male officers'  has reached to "Mahajan Field firing range " on Tuesday  to take part in war practice that is going to start on Wednesday  between land forces of India and France.  

Defense spokesman Leftinant karnel Manish Ojha told abot "Shakti- 2016" that 7th tank of France 35 infectory regiment troop in leadership of with one female and five male office reached to Mahajan range in leadership of Leftinent karnal "Thibaut Di Lakostey Lerimandi"  This troop of France army was  welcomed by karnel Navin Chand Divedhi who is commanding officer of "2 Ghadwall rifle regiment". Mr. Manish further told that this is a third edition of this double force  practice between these two countries. the main motto of this practice is to start and get strengthen in  "terrorist stoppage operation" in the semi cities area .The Indian and France army  will be  together and will try mutually  to understand each other's weaponry, equipment and leader's control system. this practice will also give light to increase highly physical strength and  to understand the strategically practice and lots of process of war practice. this war practice will be continue for two weeks. 
The all members of this army troop will share this joint plan of war practice they will also share all the specialties of search and defense, search practice they will also complete other important  mottos of practice. 


We congratulate and good wishes to both armies, as The friendship of India and France is based on mutual understanding, good will and unbreakable belief .


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