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Kiran Bedi, a lady with a Punjabi heart and spirit

New Delhi, Aug. 29 (ANI): She has been known as the "Iron lady", who shivers down the spine of the most dreaded criminals, and today she believes in policing the police and reforming the convicts to help create a better society.

She doesn't mince words when stating that she is Punjabi by heart and spirit.

We are speaking of Kiran Bedi, the first woman Indian Police Service (IPS) officer.

"I am what I am. Amritsar gave me solid good health and great determination. I am a pucca Punjabi. I never give up. I am a very determined woman. I am a healthy Punjabi, I am an angry Punjabi, and I am a daring Punjabi. I am a very happy and giving Punjabi," says Bedi.

"I live day by day, as I believe that the future is not ours to see. I believe in total fitness and good health. All these are nothing else but great Punjabi traits," Kiran reveals.

Having done Indian women proud by being the first female IPS officer, Bedi has brought laurels to the country through her intellect at international forums like the United Nations.

She has also earned the respect of Indian politicians with her impeccable service record.

I joined Indian Police Service in 1972. I became the first woman in the country to do so. Regrettably earlier, the police department had dissuaded many other girls who wanted to do this, saying that it was very scary. Since I was a champion, they couldn't do it to me. Champions can't be scared of anything. I scared them when I told them that you would be snatching away my Constitutional right if you try to stop me from doing what I want to do in life," said Kiran.

Kiran, like any other ordinary girl, had her share of Sceptics, who look at her promising personality with raised eyebrows. It was her determination that shook prejudiced minds, and helped her move ahead.

"Then, they welcomed me. They said that I will have to open fire, lodge tear gas shells, disperse crowds, arrest hardened criminals and shoot to kill. I asked them I will do it- won't you train me. I was already a tennis player. I had great stamina, great mental tenacity and endurance. So, when they started to train me, they realized that they had got a real champion who loved all sorts of training. I was a very bright NCC cadet right from the beginning," says Kiran.

Kiran has always believed in the power of prevention and the power empowering people to share , communicate and coordinate.

"I believe policing is a great power of reformation and correction. All police postings that I did were for reformation. I offered a whole new model of reform. I produced a 3-C model i.e. Corrective, Collective and Community based. Prisoners collectively started working towards their own reform," says Kiran, who took premature retirement from last year after being denied a shot at becoming Delhi's Police Commissioner. By Vibha (ANI)


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