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Stunning New Indian Celebrity Chef

Stunning chef Shahena Ali brings her own refreshing new approach to the world of traditional Indian and Bengali Cookery completely taking the myth out of what is generally perceived to be a complex cuisine and giving it a sexy, fun, young and fresh approach.

Shahena transforms basic ingredients into fabulous dishes and takes us on a fascinating journey into the heart of different cultures. Based in London and Essex, and part of the stable of Celebrity Chefs in the UK, she has also appeared on BBC Radio and has been involved in the BBC's Great Food Live television programme presenting modern and traditional Indian cooking for the young British audience, as well as being an entrepreneur and a consultant for menu development at the Maharaja Restaurant in Essex, she is gaining international interest from the media. Shahena is currently undertaking projects with US and UK celebrity chefs and firms.

Having achieved a degree in Economics and Accountancy, Shahena worked as a city Fund Manager. However, her upbringing in an environment where cooking and food were a passion and her involvement in a busy family restaurant at The Maharaja in Essex, was very compelling. It followed that her love of cookery inspired her to change careers and follow her heart into the culinary world. Bringing a fresh, young modern slant to traditional Indian Sub-continent dishes and recipes from around the world, she is committed to sharing her knowledge with as wide an audience as possible demonstrating how pleasurable, convenient and easy cooking at home can be. Shahena believes that the whole process of cooking is about enjoyment and having fun in the kitchen rather than it being a stressful experience!

Shahena is a regular columnist and writer for Spice Life (Zaikha) Magazine, as well as having appeared at food festivals in London, including live events in Covent Garden and the Zee TV Carnival and other media events, she has also made numerous appearances on TV programmes such as BBC Great Food Live and on BBC Radio. Watch this space!

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