Tuesday, 01 December 2020

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Narendra completes 45 years as a Devotional Singer

Narendra Chanchal will be honoured in Mumbai on 2nd March

Mumbai, When one thinks about Jagran or Mata Ki Chowki, then the one name that comes to mind is Narendra Chanchal. For 45 years, he has kept the flame lit up with his bhajans for Durga Maa. On 2nd March, he will be honoured at BEC Ground (Bombay Exhibition Center), Highway Goregoan(East), Mumbai by Radhe Maa Charitable Trust during Bhagwati Jagran.

Narendra Chanchal completes his 45 years in devotional singingNarendra Chanchal will sing on the occasion of Radhe Maa’s birthday. "I am coming to Mumbai without any commercial interest and I have faith in Radhe Maa.I feel blessed by Radhe Maa.Whenever I get an opportunity, I go and meet her.," he says.

As a kid, Narendra Chanchal learnt about bhakti watching his mother praying. He too became a devotee of Durga Maa. Every year he conducts Jagran or Mata Ki Chowki for Durga Maa and releases 2 or 3 bhakti albums every year. The world famous singer Narendra Chanchal has always enthrall people with his melodious voice even in different countries like U.S. , Canada , Europe , Australia etc.

Disapproving Bhajan's in Bollywood tunes he says "It does not suit our culture and civilization. Folk songs and music of Punjab, Uttar Pradesh, Rajasthan, etc. are quite nice and cozy, bhajans or devotional songs should be made on these tunes rather than using Western tunes. Guys do this for cheap popularity, which is wrong. "


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