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City as beautifull bride on puskarna sawa

Pushkarna sawa (Marriage Olympic) was joyously celebrated with Mayara,Derali ,Khiroda, and Barat

Bikaner, The day of pushkarna sawa is called a day of joy & zeal, Pushkarna Sawa is not less then a festival it is held once in four years. This year the pushkarna sawa took place on 24th Feb and above 125 couples tide the knot this day. Each and every corner of city was decorated with colourful lights and much other decorative stuffs,  was just like a festiwal that had been celebrating till day to night. The logic behind the pushkarna sawa is this sawa happen in the name of lord siva and goddess parwati that’s way this day is consider the best day ti tie the knote.

What isnoticable is the t that several hundred marriages take place on the same day at the same time. It is really superb day for everybody lots of relatives, friends from different cites came Bikaner to make there day very best and fill loads of unforgettable memmory. The one thing that touch your heart most are the wedding songs, that is called (Byawn Ra Geet) each line has meaning for bride and groom, these are full of Emotion, happiness naughtiness. Some amazing songs like BHUDO JONI LAYO LADO KORO KARSI MATKO, HAR AAYO KASI RO VASI AAYO ...
on pushkarna sawa the in city was just rocking people rocked this  day. BARATI proved the old saying that dance like no body is watching you ,nobody said sorry i cant dance ..Everybody danced like no body is watching them mence completly rocking.
On pushkarna sawa, prize was also distrubuted to the grooms who reached first to their wedding place by lods of organization, Luxmikant Bohra won the first prize at Barah gwar cowok, and Damodar Kiradu was given 21,00 by Dinesh kalla, Shiv Kumar vyas, and rajkumaar changani.


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