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A Common man's thinking about law and justice: A Survey

New Delhi, A Survey was conducted all across the country in a manner covering Gender, Caste, Age, Socio economic factors both at the Rural Bharat as well as the Urban India, In all the samples was for 17629 respondents during 5th Jan to 22nd Jan 2010 & some very interesting issues came in front.

The Ruchika-Rathore case was taken as a bench mark to start the research. The following facts came on the front. Surprisingly a large number of Indian Population were unaware of any such case owing to the low literacy level in the rural India & indicating a huge work required to improve the socio economic state of the country.

Most of the respondents felt that the Congress should try to capitalize & use the edge that they got by winning the last Lok Sabha elections owing to the scattered & unorganized opposition as a tool to garner this situation & mould it in such a way to yield maximum benefit for the country & in turn congress.

RNB Research is one of the Asia's leading full service market research agency. It has developed 11 models of research exclusively for Asian Markets based on our 15 years of extensive research analysis. RNB Research was the only one in India who predicted Congress victory for 200 seats in Lok Sabha 2009 and its analysis was covered in electronic as well as print media during Lok Sabha 2009.

Following were the survey-questions asked by people:

1. Are you aware of Ruchika Rathore case ?

Male : Yes 63%; No 33%; DNT 4%
Female : Yes 47%; No 51%; DNT 2%

2. Do you think Powerful persons in India effect the Judicial System/LAW?

Male: Yes 72%; No 12%; DNT 16%
Female : Yes 47%; No 29%; DNT 24%

3. Do you think that the Judicial System in India is Correct?

Male: Yes 36%; No 52%; DNT 12%
Female : Yes 24%; No 65%; DNT 12%

4. How do you Rate the Present Judicial System of India :

Male: Outdated 25%; Slow 40%; Very Slow 32%; DNT 3%
Female: Outdated 12%; Slow 35%; Very Slow 51%; DNT 2%

5. Do you have FAITH in the Indian Judiciary?

Male: Yes 47%; No 31%; DNT 22%
Female : Yes 41%; No 41%; DNT 18%

6. Should the Constitution be amended for Faster Delivery of Justice:

Male: Very Much 47%; Yes 45%; No 3%; DNT 5%
Female : Very Much 24%; Yes 71%; No 6%; DNT 0%

7. Will Speedy delivery of Justice result into Quality Justice:

Male: Yes 81%; No 9%; DNT 9%
Female : Yes 76%; No 6%; DNT 18%

The following simple remedies were suggested by the respondents for effective Judiciary:

1) Increase number of Courts
2) Increase number of Judges in the existing courts
3) Change constitution for faster Justice
4) Time bound delivery of the cases
5) Quick punishments to the Guilty
6) Reduction in number of Holidays for the Judiciary
7) Lesser Impact of Politicians on the Judiciary
8) Strong law on corruption
9) Increasing working Hours of the Courts
10) Two Shifts of Courts to avoid new Infrastructure

Two very strong points came during the survey:

1. A large number of respondents wanted to make the punishment & Penalties more strict :

Male: Yes 72%; No 14%; DNT 14%
Female : Yes 68%; No 15%; DNT 17%

2. An Equally large number of respondents felt that restricting the habit of lawyers on taking "DATES" as per their convenience & to delay the cases be controlled & this tool alone may speed up the cases to half the time as what is being taken today:

Male: Yes 87%; No 4%; DNT 9%
Female : Yes 71%; No 6%; DNT 23%

An overall view of the situation indicates that the Indian population by & large wanted strictly & strongly the amendments & faster disposal of the Cases, this will only be known to us in the times to come, that how the curent builders of the Modern India react to this demand from a "common man". (RNB Research)


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