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Tourism places revives again

Meetings held for Tourism Development In Bikaner Division

Bikaner, In the north- West and North-East of Rajsthan all possible areas for tourism development have been marked by Tourism Department and a new guideline is being prepared for this. Now various phase of meeting will be organised at district level in relation to this particularly in Bikaner, Junjhunu and Sikar.

The Assistant Director of Tourism Department Mr. Hanumanmal Arya told on Monday that a meeting with member of Tourism development committee was organised in Sikar. Here, discussion made on the tourism development for the place of Harsh Parwat, Jinamataji Dham, Lohargal etc with the members of committee and District Magistrate. 

After this in Bikaner Division meetings will be held on. On 21st October in Hanumangarah, 22nd October in Shreeganganagar and on 25th October in Bikaner meetings will be conducted with Tourism Dervelopment Commitee. 

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