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Do Good, Have Good : Arun Vyas

Arun vyas is man whose slogan is do good, have good. Being a municipal ward member, he has become the rising star of congress. while he is ward member of 8 yet he is necely impressed from Rahul Gandhi. He told in his interview that he has completed 20 year work in 3 and half years. he counted the work of one crore rupees in different areas. Like c.c. Roads & drainage. while he is attached to business surroundings yet due to his Grand father Harinarayan and former mayor chaturbhuj he has come in politics he has told so. He is feeling nice to support the people. In his personal views, it is depended upon public to settle recently Mr. Arjun has won the elecation of congress youth president. He is full of enthusiastic manner. He is determined to strengthen congress party. Public welfare issues he wants to carry up to party levels. so that he can conceive the people to its great extent. he speaks upon his goal that he is not interested in MLA/M.p. elections & posts, if party allows me i will fight the elecation. He delivers his message on reservation, it must be removed. He is not in favour of cast reservation. Mahatma Gandhi is his ideal man whom he worships. while Mr. Arun is running a gym from 2001, he has founded his relation with politics in 2009 being a wardmemberbeing a Youth of 31 year he wants to create a stage for body  builders up to national & international level. He tells that all parties members come in Gym programme. Mr. Arun has become ward member beyond his expetations. It is his message for people ''Read more, progress more''. This is only source of a man he wants to organize a meeting of all congress youth deligates at his home now. Really he is rising star of congress who is nurturing a view in his mind, do good have good!

We interviewed 31 year old Arun Kumar Vyas, who has just won the Congress Youth President Election of Biknaer West. We have put up some questions before him and he replied in easiest manner
Q. Education :
Ans. M.A. in History
Q. Who is your inspiration in politics ?
Ans. Rahul Gandhi is my Inspiration.
Q. Being Municipal Member WhArun Vyas - Ward Parshand and President of Indina Youth Congress Bikane West at are your special works ?
Ans. I completed the work of 20 Years in 3 and Half Years. works of one crore rupees-C.C. Roads in Area 
Q. How do you feel in this field ?
Ans. I feel good because I am thoroughly attached to this sector due to my Grand Father- Hari Narayan Ji, Chaturbhuj Ji.
Q. People say so,' Leaders do not meet at home but they meet at election?
Ans Public settle down who is good and easily available for all.
Q. Being a president of West sector Bikaner Congress, tell about your organization work & policy ?
Ans. To Strengthen Congress, add youth to the party, To carry the issue of public welfare up to party
Q. Do you want to make MLA/M.P ? Why ?
Ans. I don't have such aim, if party thinks of me, I will follow.
Q. What is your view about reservation ?
Ans. Cast reservation must be removed, people should ask for the answer from the parties.
Q. Who is your ideal man ?
Ans. Rahul Gandhi, Mahatma Gandhi
Q.9 What is your Favorites dialogue ?
Ans. Do good, have good.
Q.10 You run a gym named Marudhar, what is your goal behind this ? What is the link of this gym to politics ?
Ans. I have been running this gym from 2001, I made ward member in 2009. I want to create stage for sporting wrestlers candidates up to national level. This is not attached to politics. All parties member come in gym programmes.
Q. What is your message for people ?
Ans. More read, more progress.
Q.Your next programme ?
Ans. I have to organize a programme for youth congress representatives.
Q.Special Moment
Ans.To become Ward Member beyond Arun's expectation.
Q.Hobby & Sport
Ans.Body Building.