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This is the name of a man Bhanwar lal Purohit whose aim is to perform benevolence for people


Bhanwarl Lal Purohit - Govt Employee Union LeaderBikaner, This is the name of a man ‘Bhanwar lal Purohit’ whose aim is to “perform benevolence for people”.He is in a clerical job of Govt. department- I.G.N.P.There is being presented the particles of his interview.

Q:1. when did you start your employees politics mission?
Ans:I started my mission from 1999-2000by 64days employees strike with the beginning of ASMA agitation.

Q2.What is the name of your organization?
Ans Indira Gandhi Nahar Pariyojana employee organization which I made in 2001-02.

Q3.what are the causes to fail the 1999’s agitation?
Ans :Lacknesses of the leaders and their working strategy. so the agitation became failure.

Q4: why did you make union?
Ans: I made union to full fill the goals of employees politics on the policy based manner.

Q5. What are the achievements of your leadership time?
Ans: I made the govt.to announce “the canal day on 11th October”.

Q6: What is your personal view about appointment and surplus of the govt. posts
Ans:According to the govt. there are no posts.

Q:7 How much level has crossed your agitation?
Ans:I have attached govt. 52 departments to my organization ‘Akhil Rajasthan Akikrit Maha Sangh’.

Q8:What is your motto on being a union leader? 
Ans:My motto is that to make regular service for contact employees.

Q9:Which one is the big agitation in your life?
Ans: the big agitation of my life is engineering college Bikaner agitation for which I am fighting for 400 families of contact employees.

Q10: what thinks you have got rid of for agitation?
Ans: 5 months leaves I have taken for my colleagues. 

Q11:What is your opinion about Bikaneri –politics?
Ans: The leaders who came in 1972-1980 have made the history of  strife weak .

Q12: What is your new Agenda?
Ans: To Organize small meetings for public awareness .

Q13: Your views resemble to whom?
Ans: My ideology is attached to Deendayal Upadhyay.

Q14: Who is your ideal man?
Ans: Sage Tulsi das, Dr. Ram Manohar Lohya, Deendayal Upadhyay. 

Q15:What is the name of institute?
Ans: ‘Maru Chetna Vikas Manch’ I have organized a meeting under this institute for all political parties followers. 

Q16: What is your views about politics?
Ans: Politics affects the society. I am fighting against corporate  Vs common men. 

Public review –Prem vyas
Mr. Bhanwar is working for employees and helping at the level of politics. Being youth civilian must support him. Vijay shanker purohit (Lala maharaJ’s view )
He is recognized as a leader of employees. He is helping to all we pray to god, may god give him his goal!