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Govt. has done a lot for Muslim :- Azam

Azam is name of middle class personality who has won upon the post of congress president of East with  majority. According to him this victory is based upon the blessing of Allah and father Mr. Mumtaj khan kayamkhani. Azam is married & has one daughter in family. He is straight forward follower of the congress party. He is satisfied with the planning of govt. which are in vogue-like free ship in medication & NARAGA vogue in villages of india. He is filled with the power of youth to found the Congress Party again in forth coming elections. He repeats the slogan" Get up Youth, Get up country". In his words a leader must be perfect and prompt to keep away the problems of public. He emphasizes on the subject matter of a leader- a leader must be a expressive  & faithful. Some particles are being presented as below :-
Allah wins with majority!         Insha Allah!
Q.What is your aim in politics ?
Ans. I think my aim is politics is to serve the public.
Q. What will you do for your sector being a president ?
Ans. To solve the problems of public , to organize camps, to carry the planning's of congress up to public. To strengthen congress in forth coming election . I will do these thing for party and my sector.
Q. What is your social background ?
Ans. My grand father was posted in police department, My father is a tea merchant.
Q. People Says, "Leaders do not meet at home if we go there, if leaders want to get votes, they meet, What is your views over this ?
Ans. I am social & party worker not a leader. it is not so.
Q. What is the structure of your organization ?
Ans. To strengthen congress, To make ready booth worker for election, To solve the problems by camps.
Q. Would you like to be MLA/MP ?
Ans. No, I don't. I want to serve the public. if party thinks of me then I will fight the election.
Q.Who is your ideal man ?
Ans. Mr. Rahul Gandhi, My respected father & my bosom friends are my ideal men & inspiration.
Q.What is your ideal Slogan ?
Ans. Youth Jindabaad & union is strength, Get up youth, Get up Country.
Q.  What will congress make its government in next election ?
Ans. Definitely, good budget, appeals of good plannings, development of villages, free medicine, free medical investigation, these all things will promote the party. Congress will make its Govt.
Q.What is your Personal view about a leader ?
Ans. If a leader is determined to do something, he can do all.
Q.What is your view about reservation?
Ans. Reservation must be removed. Govt. must settle the level of reservation. The reservation which is based upon cast level it must be abolished quickly.
Q. Why does leader assure the public but doesn't execute the work ?
Ans.  A leader should be dedicated to the public work & he must try to fulfill the need of public.
Q.Do you have  faith in GOD ?
Ans. Why not, I have faith in Allah .
Q.What is your opinion about Govt. ?
Ans. Govt. has done a lot for Muslim Community, I will carry out the view of Rahul Gandhi.