Tuesday, 22 June 2021

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Services Marketing; An Emerging Trend of Market

Services Marketing - A book authuored by Valarie Zeithaml, Mary Jo Bitner - Published by Tata Mc Graw HillWith the passage of time the numbers of trends are emerging with their high potentialities that directly or indirectly are responsible in effecting the market. In such modern trends of market the existence of Services Marketing really keeps distinguished status in market place because it has latent capability to flourish the growth rate of business. That is why a book entitled Services Marketing; Integrated Customer Focus Across The Firm has been composed by the most accomplished and worldly renowned researchers and teachers in order to supply better concepts to understand such trends in an easier way. The authors of the book are Valarie A Zeithsml, Mary Jo Bither, Dwayne D Gremler and Ajay Pandit. 

The book “Services Marketing” aptly includes the widely developed approach for services marketing thoroughly based on GAPS Model of Service Quality caters you about perceptions of consumers as well as their expectations. It comprises valuable experiences of pioneering researchers whose significant attempts in researching and teaching extremely assisted the book in finding out the relevant material or topics that truly co-operates to gather complete thematic implication of services marketing for acquiring easier comprehension of the text that is most demanded requirement of students and businesspeople.

The book broadly covers the all aspects of business to business services and its applications in a comprehensive way. The subject matter used in the text has been utterly exemplified in a various modes like graphic, charts, images etc. which sufficiently helps you in applying own perception regarding the given descriptions. Moreover, the book also includes updated ‘Technology Spotlight’ boxes and ‘Indian Service strategy Insight’ boxes in each chapter to illustrate the concepts explained. In addition to this inclusion of a new Indian case on MeritTrac and its rise in the IT sector defines the concepts of Indian market. 

The book apparently reflects the two distinct ways of Services Marketing and Goods Marketing and also indicates about appropriate strategies and tactics in implementing Services Marketing in a broad way. In it the marketing approach for both kinds of marketing that is services and goods is defined by introducing several strategies directly relevant to marketing.   The well-experienced authors seem to have essentially incorporated major changes and developments in the field of service marketing. Of course, one can easily come across through its updated new knowledge, changes in management practice and the global economic trend of the services.

Furthermore, the entire text of the book seems an authentic presentation of all services that bring complex challenges and also considered the biggest hurdles for managers in successful deliverance of services in marketing. These challenges are really specific in its substances and shapes which are identified and addressed here by keen insight of authors. It basically supplies the sufficient content relating to the development of strong customer relationship through quality services. The subjects discussed in this book are highly linked to those organizations whose fundamental objectives are services and also such organization that depend on service excellence for competitive advantage.  

The whole book has been divided into seven important parts in all its segments one receives detailed descriptions of relevant topics in a terse composition known as chapters that really serves the base of services marketing. The foundation for services marketing lets you know about the services and the GAPS model of service Quality. Its second chapter deliberately highlights on the customer and primarily discusses about the consumer behavior in services and customer’s expectation & perception of services. The third chapter provides the material on understanding of customer requirements that covers the marketing research to the customer, customer relationship and service recovery. When we proceed to its fourth part named the Aligning Service Design and Standards brings elaborated matter on Service Innovation and Design, Customer-Defined Service Standard and Physical Evidence and the Servicescape. Its fifth part introduces about Delivering and Performing Services and the sixth part highlights about Managing Service promises. The last part this book collects information about service and the bottom line that includes the Financial and Economic Impacts of Service. Apart from this there are ten cases have been included by various researchers that support to understand the Services Marketing in a convenient but an effective way. 

On conclusion, it must be stated about the book that it has broad coverage of all aspects that are inevitably considered prime requirement for Service Marketing. Indeed the book seems to be prepared for student and businesspeople who recognize the vital role that services play in the economy and its future.

- Book Reviews by BB Yadav