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The Four Days of Gangaur ..

The relevence of this festival is to show the devotedness towards Lord Shiva and Parvati. Rajasthani Girls worship for their bright future and good husbands. This worship called

SHIVA - SHAKTI pooja. It is celebrated in spring season.

The commencing of the word 'Gangaur' Gan i.e. God, Gaur i.e. Parvati the wife of lord Shiva. When we miss the lord Shiva an image makes in our mind half man-Shiva & half Parvati, This is called the image of Ardhnarishwar, so the word Gangaur i.e. in the shape of unification. This image, of Ardhnarishwar has been worshipping through the ages. The tradition Gangaur-Poojan is in vogue still through the ages. But it has more importance in Bikaner (Marwari) region. Gangaur is the prominent festival of Rajasthan. This festival is celebrated from chaitra Krishna Pratipada to shukla Chaturthi regularly. It is performed in the form of worship, hymn singing, visiting; Vrata etc. 18 resolute days for Ishwara & Gangaur go on perpetual manner. 18 days are dedicated to shiva & parvati virgin girls worship to get good and able husbands. Married women worship for the longevity of husbands.

In last two days of worship means chaitra Sudi Tratia or Chaturthi the 'Royal process of Gangaur is taken off along the road sides of the city. Gangaur festival fills Zest in the life. Two manners of worships are performed for Gavarja- The ashes of Holika having wet and made lumps, these lumps are worshipped by the colours & rituals. These are kept in earthen pot and bathed them daily for worshipping aspect up to 18 days. It is supposed that mother Gauri comes her maternal house for 18 days and Gauri distributes her Godly inspiration among her girl friends. This earthen pot is handed over to the side of the ponds on the eve of last day, So that the particles of worship can be made acquainted to land & nature for good rites & culture.

The whole social process thrives and multiply by high characteristics Gavar Utsav (Gauri Finale) is an emblem of it.

In the evening Matheri who makes the wooden image of Gauri applies sweet to the Gangaur ditties to make them happy and sing hymns also. Girls go to groves and gardens to pick the flowers in the morning for worship. They sing

 'Bari ala Bari Khol,
Bari ri Kiwari Khol.

One Girl says to another in last four days of worship.
Gavral ke din chaar hai

There are so many fairs which are organized in Bikaner for Gangaur. The chief Gangaurs, which are famous:-

Dabli Rathan Kikani's Gangaur, Hanumangarh , Rajasthan.

Balawat Purohit Gangaur, Kolkata, (Lilua).

Dhina Gangaur (Barahguwar Chowk), Bikaner, Rajsthan.

Chandmal Dhadda Gangaur, Bikaner, Rajasthan.

Royal Gangaur, Bikaner Riasat, Rajsthan.

The last day of Gangaur, the fair takes place at soorsagar and Jassusar Gate all traditional residents of Bikaner have been performing this festival through the ages.