Tuesday, 05 July 2022

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The woman and Humanity

We live in India where so many instance and scriptures are still lively that we can retify something over this subject. There is one sloka in our Sanskrit language, 'Yashya Nariyastu Pujayante, Ramante Tatra Devta'. Means where the woman is worshiped in shrine like country, GOD reside there. Without Gouri, Lord Shiva is nothing; it works just like 'a neutral with face'. This is said in Vedas, which is real emblem of our culture. Govt is also supporting the woman community by so many sources in affair of increasing girl ratio in our society. Govt is also organising so many planning to thrive and multiply this women community. It has also given the facilities of books, teaching, free ships, insurance and prevention of female foeticide. Having seen these work of their stability our throught will be filled with sorrow to know the situation of our mother, sister the women. So many cases are being filed of Rapes and Gang Rapes; it has reached its cresando or Zenith. The situation has reached to this position that out Govt has decided the age of sex 16 for our so called origin. The law in our country is going to be paralysed and contradicted between 16 and 18. Do we think over the matters? That she is still free, No, Govt has developed bad face towards girl community, it has settled to them only with contraceptives. By this it has pushed back them in muddy water.  Due to Western Air and media, an Indian man has lost his mental power either the sister or usable thing. The holy relation is read holy books like Rama Kaushlya and other. The Indian culture is the emblem of holy love and respect in which we can improve our views and society. The lusty view must be suppressed by holy books and orations. We should follows such practices in which we can nurture our mental level; with this hope. I am summing up that 'May God Endow You Good Concept!'