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Special Release : Gopendra Nath Bhatt : (Joint Director), Rajasthan Information Centre, New Delhi

Special Release : Gopendra Nath Bhatt : (Joint Director), Rajasthan Information Centre, New Delhi

New Delhi, Considering the need of Industrial development and growth to be the key & basic requisite of the economic development and an essential parameter to measure the economic growth of the state is its industry, trade and commerce, comprehensive attempt has been made to accelerate the speed of industrial development in the state by creating necessary infrastructure, providing essential facilities, simplifying rules and procedures and removing administrative bottlenecks.

The present government under the stewardship of the Chief Minister Shri Ashok Gehlot conceptualized more apt and intense approach to mark the strong presence of Rajasthan in the industrial map of the country. Big industrial groups and multinational companies are enthusiastic to set up new industries in the state.
The Chief Minister of Rajasthan is making constant efforts to make the state ‘Most Investment Friendly State’. The State Government under the leadership of the Chief Minister shows that no sector or segment has been left out from taken care of which includes power, health, basic infrastructure, tourism, agriculture etc. As a result of the new and simplified policies, investment procedures have become transparent, speedy and simple, which has made the state most chosen state for the investors.
The state government has brought into force different policies in order to quickly sort out the problems of the medium and big investors’ to lure them to make investments in the state. It includes Industries Policy -2010, Investment Policy -2010 and Agriculture policy. Of which, the Rajasthan Enterprises Single Window Enabling and Clearance Act- 2011 is the main one.
As a result of the investment policy of the state, approval has been given to the investment proposal of Rs 42 thousand 216 crores in the meetings of the cabinet. Similarly, under the Single Window Scheme, as many as 395 investment proposals of Rs 20 thousand 827 crores of more than worth Rs 10 crores have been received, of which 119 proposals worth Rs 6197.16 crores have been already passed.
With a view to strengthen the basic amenities in the state, Final Concept Master Plan for the Kushkhera-Bhiwadi-Neemrana area has already been approved by the state level steering committee under the Delhi-Mumbai Industrial Corridor Project. Consultants have prepared and presented the development plan for this. The state level steering committee of DMIC, after detailed discussions, has approved the technical feasibility reports of the Early Bird projects of this field. This project has also given pace to the procedure of land acquisition. The officers of Rajasthan Administrative Services have been deputed in RIICO for the purpose. Information has been obtained from the DMICDC for the land for the township purpose. Notification has been issued under section 4 of the Land Acquisition Act for the acquisition of 1506.8 hectare land for the first phase of Kushkhera-Bhiwadi-Neemrana area. . Besides, action has been taken for the public hearing under section -5A.
Special action plan is being made to simplify the procedure for implementing investment proposals. It will help minimize or remove the obstructions which get in the way of the execution of different investment proposals by the internal or external agencies in projects.
The State Government has taken a decision to develop Jodhpur-Pali-Marwar node as the second node under the Delhi-Mumbai industrial project corridor project. The State Government has selected early bird projects for this node and has proposed the DMICDC for this. The consultants appointed by the DMICDC for preparing the development plan of the node and projects have submitted the inception report and draft area delineation reports. The steering committee has submitted has held detailed discussions on these reports.
The State Government has forward a proposal to the Central Government in regard to the development of Pali-Marwar-Jodhpur and Khushkhera-Bhiwadi-Neemrana areas as the National Manufacturing and Investment Zone. The State Government has already given its approval in principle for various concessions and discounts to be provided to this zone.
Considerable efforts are being made by the State Government for encouraging the private sector. New Industrial and Investment Promotion Policy and Rajasthan Investment Promotion Scheme 2010 have been released for the purpose. In addition to this Rajasthan Infrastructure Development Act is being enforced to encourage the private investment in the development of infrastructure of high standards. Work pertaining to new S.I.R Act to set up special investment sector is also in progress.
Support of information technology is also being sought to inform the investors about the investment procedures. website has been renovated. Requisite and latest & updated information regarding different sectors of Rajasthan is being made available through this website.
Rajasthan has been included as the pilot state in the e-biz project initiated by the Industrial Policy & Promotion Department of the Central Government under the national e-governance scheme. The objective of this project is to simplify the sanction procedures of investments to give pace to its execution by making the prescribed investment procedures more practical by providing single window scheme. As many as 26 central services and 24 state services have been included under the project. Work on the MoU, to be signed between the Central and State Government for the e-biz, is in progress.
As a result of the tangible and concrete efforts made by the State Government, Rajasthan is scaling new heights in the development and growth of the industrial sector. Simplified procedures and new investment promotion polices have opened new horizons for the investors in Rajasthan.


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