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UN arms treaty draft favours exporters

The draft of a UN treaty to to regulate the sale of conventional arms

The draft of a UN treaty to to regulate the sale of conventional arms is facing opposition from some countries as it favours the arms exporting nations and remains silent on the illicit trafficking of such weapons to non-state actors, of which India has been a major victim.The Arms Trade Treaty draft, presented by the Conference President Peter Woolcott from Australia, if implemented in its present form is set to undermine India's national security interests when it comes to addressing the issue of illicit arms supply to non-state actors like Maoists or terrorist outfits being armed from across the border.Also being a heavy importer of arms, officials fear that the adoption of such a treaty could tend to jeopardise India's security interests if exporters of arms or spare parts stop supplying them to India – on one pretext or the other – when it needs them most, like the one during the Kargil war.Notably India had articulated its view at the start of the Arms Trade Treaty Conference at the UN headquarters here.However, the major arms exporters – the US and Britain – have managed to have a draft put in place that is quite detrimental to India's national interests, the officials said.After month-long negotiations failed in July, the 193 UN members are again attempting to hammer out a deal on the issue which deals with USD 70 billion arms trade around the world. The draft is expected to come up for adoption tomorrow.


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