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Children literature Festival held in Bikaner

Kids learnt alot here from poems to literature, novel and lot more things

Children literature Festival held in Bikaner

Kids said we will be join this literature festival again
Next time we will come with our own written poems and stories

Bikaner, Three days Children Literature Festival organised in Bikaner. In this Children Literature Festival so many sessions were organised. This children Literature Festival embellished with so many experts and professors of literatures, and novels.

The professor of this literature gave so many useful ideas and new thoughts, told the importance of literature books and novels in our life they solved so many confusions of children have for the literature. This Literature Festival was very meaningful to the kids so many kids came and enjoyed and learnt hear they got their own stories and poems and recite them. The book stalls was very important and useful for them and they were very interested in buying the books. The evening was decorated with the campfire and musical evening with the Sitar Sarod player Amit Asit Goswami also there was  a  session organised on journalism and theater. Story of the eminent writer Harish Bhadani, Yadvendra Sharma Chandra poet Aziz Azad and Rajasthani literature writer Murlidhar Vyas; Dr. Shrilal Mohata, Dr. Malchand Tiwari Dr Mangal Badal and Deen Dayal Sharma throw light on it they told poem is something like the best words in best order....

Some expert talks: how the literature is important in our life
Writer Arjun Dev Charan talked about the literature and cultural. He told it is as important in our life as the breathing. Our culture is the main important part of our life we should certainly make the literature part of our life he was also expressing his concerns about the children's interest in Indian literature and culture he says in this busy life we are not able to set the regular conversation with the kids and we are also not able to give them value of humanity and culture because of the bisy life pur values are falling down he further said we should rise the value of literature in kids.

In this occasion Madhu Acharya ashawadi, Amitabh Harsh, Anand Harsh also kept their views on it, before this Malchand Tiwari, Bulaki Sharma, Dr Madan Saini, Navneet Pandey throw light on it. In the second session Nagendra Narayan Kiradu, Irshad Ajij, Sudesh Vyas, Vipin Purohit, Dr Gauri Shankar Prajapat, Hemant Ranga and Arvind Vyas kept their views on it. Event Co-ordinator Anurag Harsh  welcomed everyone.

Dr Madan Saini told literature gives the motivational ideas to the kids. It is a way to motivate children and the children Literature Festival should be organised time to time. These are so much valuable for kids and kind of event give the opportunities to children to know about their culture and also give them opportunity to show their curiosity.

Dr Navneet Pandey said these kind of organisation are very necessary for children to develop their word bank. they get the opportunity to beautify their conversation which is almost we are losing he further said that it is helping us to understand the children's views and also it makes them available to understand  our views,  in this time we are making very big fault that we are not giving proper time to understand them,so this kind of event help us to cover this fault.

Professor Bulaki Das and Dr.Mangat Badal said that this is right the time to organise this kind of literature festival time to time as the time has changed.we can see literature with the so many new techniques. As other technical things Keep parents and children's both busy and this computerized life separated the kids and parents conversation, the capabilities in kids are becoming so Limited this is really terrible and to keep avoid this terrible situations we should do some efforts and we have to motivate our children towards culture and literature.

Dr. Shrilal Mohta said in this busy life if we think that kids are not talented it is very wrong kids are full of capability and talent but we need to give them opportunity to bring their opportunities out we should not forget that our cultures and our values are very important to them parents should do efforts to develop their literature qualification don't put useless boundation on them. Also children should increase their capacity and thinking with delicacy .

Mr Malchand sad if we are losing literature it means we are losing humanity we should save our literature so we can save our humanity and human feelings . so many technique have  made children  busy they avoid the values of our culture. Parents should help their  children so they can enjoy the literature and can build their conversation with high values.

Give chance to express their feelings Pritpal Kaur said May the trend of listening stories of from our grandmothers are falling down but  the kids are still connected with the old tales by the new techniques, yes it is not right because when the kids are watching them with the computer or on any other screen the feelings are losing that's not safe parents should do efforts to make the relations very close as in this new era the we are losing our relations and relatives. Give your child values of literature and cultural. In the upcoming time literature of these little kids will be very best and it will bring the positive thinking to the word.


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