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Viral fever rapidly continues in Bikaner

Biakner, Day by day health problem is being too critical and climatic diseases are being rampant and also causing complicated situation before public. In a camp organised by Health & Medical department five hundred and fifty patients suffering from viral fever were examined in the area of Kasai Bari and Chowki Tajiyon on Monday. It is said that 132 patients may have affected from malaria their blood has been sent for test in the Micrology lab situated at Sardar Patel Medical College. The camp was operated by Dr. Abrar, Dr. CS Modi and Dr. HB Usta.

In such localities public representatives seemed active and made effort for making situation normal. The mayor Bhawani Shankar Sharma, the city chairman of congress Janardhan Kalla, and Salim Bhati investigated the camp.

The CMHO Dr. KK Garg and the deputy CMHO Dr. Devendra Chaudhary and Dr. Naval Gupta also came to investigate the camp and gave essential instructions to sitting doctors of camp. Dr. Chaudhary told the reporter that no case of chikangunia has been reported. But two people may have chikangunia so his blood has been already sent to test. 

The medical test report finally came in which a 55 years old lady was found affected from chikungunia. Mr. Devendra Chaudhary told that survey is going on for detecting malaria and chikangunia patients especially in ward no. 52, 53 and 54. He also told that blood for testing is being taken from patients. 

However, medical department is claiming for best medical service but the circumstances in dispensaries seem to be poor. In Bhuzia Bazar dispensaries one doctor was available for checking 400 patients. Here, three doctors are here but two of them were on leave. Such indifferences from health department made public disappointed and anxious.
In affected areas fogging was undertaken and all necessary initiatives are being implemented. On Wednesday a camp will be organized at Bhainswada. 

The entire city is affected from its dire impact and people are suffering from such diseases.


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