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Residents of Kashmir valley gear up for harsh winter

Srinagar, Dec 9 As mercury dips to below freezing levels in Srinagar, residents are thronging markets to buy woolen clothes to beat the cold.

And with chilly conditions setting early this fall, the markets are abuzz with people buying coats, sweaters, pullovers, blowers and heaters.

"We were not ready for these early winters. We thought winters would arrive after one month. But then the cold wave conditions started one month in advance. Hence, we are buying clothes early this season," said Showkat Ahmad, a customer.

While the residents are busy buying 'winter products', shopkeepers are happy to do brisk business.

"This time winter has set in early. In the month of November, generally we don't experience snowfall. But this year, there was snowfall and by the grace of god, we are doing good business," said Riyaz Ahmad, a shopkeeper.

The residents said they were not ready for the sudden arrival of winter in the valley.

According to the residents, this was the coldest November they have witnessed in past 18 years.

And with barely a few weeks to go when Kashmir's remotest regions will be cut off from the rest of the valley and the country due to winter snowfall, residents are converting their houses into virtual godowns.

"We are gearing up for the winters because we have to face these harsh conditions for another four to five months. It might be really cold later on. There might be a shortage of heating goods in the market. We have to face power shortage also. So, we need to fully equip ourselves fully equipped," said Mohammad Yaseen, another customer.

The region experiences strong winds along with snow and rainfall during the winter season that lasts from November to March. By Parvez Butt (ANI)


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